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Maytag Centennial Gas Dryer - $200
Posted On: 05/17/2021
6 high heat or low heat automatic drying cycles
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For Sale
Navy Daybed - $350.00
Posted On: 05/18/2021
Nearly new. Used one week. Free mattress and linens included
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Gas Range - $400
Posted On: 05/17/2021
Black finish
Clean. Excellent condition
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Knife Sharpening - $1.00 per inch in most cases   (New Ad)
Posted On: 06/15/2021
I use a Tormek low speed water grinder and honing wheel to perfect the edge on your cutlery. This enables me to sharpen at the exact correct angle without damaging the temper on your knives. I also use manual stones where necessary to fine tune the edge. I guarantee satisfaction or your money will be returned.
Give me a call at 919-412-5143 or stop by at 864 Blue Bird. I recently retired and I am here often. I should be able to turn around your needs within a day. If you wish I will also set up a reminder that the edge should be refreshed with a honing (free) and when it is time to resharpen.