Delivery Services
In early March, 2020 - the Coronavirus (COVID-19) began spreading through the United States.  Within a week, many businesses were affected - either closing or going to reduced hours.
Within 3 weeks, the governor of North Carolina ordered restaurants to close their interior dining areas, allowing only take-out orders. A large number of business followed suit, only offering their services in a limited manner. Most are reducing or restricting contact with the public and their customers.
To help, the Villas community, I am preparing this web page as "public service" to help everyone. I am NOT endorsing any particular store or chain. I am not claiming that they offer great service or are priced reasonably. I am merely attempting to share information about what services are available at what stores.
If you wish to save this webpage address, you can bookmark this:
I am only adding businesses than are a reasonable distance from the Villas - approximately 10 miles or less - basically Wake Forest and/or north Raleigh.
I am getting this information from three major groups:
   + WRAL web site
   + News & Observer website
   + individual residents within the community
I welcome any information you wish to share. I will gladly add it to this webpage.
NOTE: Like many other things these days, BEWARE OF SCAMS. I have read several articles where people have received phone calls from "companies" that offer to do your shopping for you - for a fee. They always wind up asking you for bank account or credit card details. Chances are these are scammers. Be careful.
Bob Turnage
25 - March - 2020

Groceries - Curbside deliveries / home deliveries / dedicated shopping hours

Last updated 24-Mar-2020
Aldi offers grocery delivery through Instacart. They are currently offering free delivery on the first 3 orders of $35 or more when you use the coupon code SHOPALDI20 at checkout. See the details on their website:
Costco offers same day delivery through Instacart. See their website for details and fees:
Dollar General
Dollar General is asking customers to let seniors shop during the first hour of business each day. They are trying to offer a less crowded shopping experience those at a higher risk during this coronavirus outbreak.
Food Lion
Food Lion offers delivery and pickup through their website:
According to their website, "For orders greater than $35, the fee is $3.99, or $5.99 to have the order delivered within an hour. For orders less than $35, fee is $7.99 or $9.99 to have the order delivered within an hour. And your first time placing a delivery order is FREE! These prices are subject to change. Please keep in mind that all delivery orders must be $10 or more. In addition, there is delivery service fee which is 5% of your order. When we experience high demand for a delivery time, the fee for delivery may be higher. Fees for each delivery will be displayed when selecting a delivery window during checkout, before you place your order. These prices are subject to change."
Harris Teeter
Harris Teeter offers same day delivery or pick-up. There is a $4.95 shopping fee, plus orders totaling $50.00 or more have a $9.95 delivery fee and orders totaling under $50.00 have an $11.95 delivery fee. See the details on their website:
Lidl offers delivery through Shipt ( ). There is a membership fee required.
Lowes Foods
Lowes Foods offers online ordering and grocery pick-up at the store. See the details on their website: ( ). The fee is $4.95 per order or $99 annual membership.
Publix offers delivery and curbside pick-up so you do not have to go in to the store. They are managed by Instacart. See the fees and details on their website:
Target offers grocery delivery through Shipt. See the details and delivery fees on their website ( ). They are also dedicating the first hour of shopping every Wednesday to those at greater risk of serious illness during this outbreak. In an e-mail to customers on March 18, 2020, Target wrote, "We’ll also reserve the first hour of shopping each Wednesday to support vulnerable guests, including the elderly and those with underlying health concerns."
Walmart offers free curbside grocery pickup. See the details and place an order at their website ( ). Make sure you chose the store closest to you.
Wegmans offers curbside pick-up and delivery through Instacart. See the details and fees on their website:


Last updated 24-Mar-2020
CVS is waiving charges for home delivery of prescription medications so people at higher risk can stay home as much as possible. You can also add other products from the store, although their website indicates that stock is low on some items. See the details about free prescription delivery service on their website:
CVS is also delivering products from the store through Instacart for same-day delivery. See the details on their website:
Walgreens is offering free shipping on all prescription refills. They are also offering free shipping of products with no minimum. See the details on their website:
Falls River Pharmacy - located Falls River Shopping Center (Durant Road), north Raleigh
Falls River Pharmacy offers free delivery to Raleigh area residents. This service includes prescription and/or over-the-counter items and is available same day. They also offer drive thru. Contact them at 919-844-2055 and see details at
HealthSmart Pharmacy - Main Street, Wake Forest
HealthSmart Pharmacy in Wake Forest is offering free delivery in Wake Forest and surrounding area. Their hours are Monday - Friday from 9 am - 7 pm and Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm. Address is 2001 S. Main Street, Wake Forest, 27587. Phone is 919-569-0550.

Restaurant - Home deliveries

25-Mar-2020 Showmars (
Gary Narron received an email recently from Showmars Restaurant. The email included an offer to deliver food orders of $10 or more to customers who live within 3 miles for a brief time. Get more details from their website.
(Showmars is located north of Wake Forest, in the same shopping center as Smithfield Chicken and BBQ and Olive Garden.)
26-Mar-2020 UberEats (
Gary Narron just received an email from UBerEats - free delivery from local restaurants.
This text was copied from their website today:
   To support the community, you get a $0 Delivery Fee on any order from a local restaurant.
Other tips? Send them to Bob to add to this page.

Suggestions from Villas Neighbors

Last updated 08-Apr-2020
The following suggestions are from Nancy and Dick Webb (21-Mar-2020)
Amazon Prime - Whole Foods / / Local relative
I suspect many of you are wondering where your next meal will come from if you are urged to avoid stores because of COVID-19. Here are a few possibilities.
1 Amazon Prime: If you happen to be a member of Amazon Prime (around $100 per year), you can order online just like any order. The food will come from our local Whole Foods. We just tried this and it worked very well. Keep in mind that Whole Foods is not exactly a discount store. The non-refrigerated items came in a paper bag and the veggies and frozen stuff in separate insulated bags. You don't have to be there for the delivery, you can select the delivery time and no tipping required.
2. A number of local stores use for their home delivery including Lidl, Publix, Costco, Harris Teeter, Lowes, Target and CVS. We've not tried it yet. Note that it costs about $8 per month for an annual subscription and $14 per month for a month by month plan.  You may want to tip the delivery person.
3.  A third and probably the easiest is to use a local relative who is not in our risk group such as children and grandchildren, but keep in mind that 6 foot distancing applies to them as well. There is no telling what diseases they carry, yech!
I'm sure there are other options for these and other stores.  If you have experience with one, please let everyone know. There are a number of us who are computer challenged so please help your neighbor to use these resources if they need help.
Good Luck with shopping AND STAY SAFE!
Nancy and Dick
The following suggestions are from Gary Narron (21-Mar-2020)
Harris Teeter = ExpressLane Senior Day
In addition to Amazon Prime, we have used Harris Teeter. You shop on their website ( or phone/tablet app) and when you check out there are selected times for pickup. You drive up at that time to the designated parking slot and push the call button. They come out, put your stuff in hatch/trunk and leave receipt in the bag. They phone you at order time for any substitutions, etc. The time between order and pickup is 3 to 4 days. You never get anywhere near anyone. First time is no fee. Thereafter is $4.95 per order. 
We also used Amazon Prime to check it out and were very satisfied with quality and delivery. 
Also, Uber Eats is not charging a delivery fee for about 100,000 restaurants in USA, for those who want prepared food. 
Hope this helps, 
Gary Narron 
PS: see followup money-saving email from harris Teeter.
Dear Valued ExpressLane Customer, 

Harris Teeter is designating Thursdays from 9am to 2pm as ExpressLane Senior Day
To further enhance our commitment to protecting our senior shoppers, Harris Teeter will designate ExpressLane Online Shopping *pick-up times from 9am - 2pm for seniors only every Thursday until further notice AND will waive the **$4.95 fee & offer $5 delivery for seniors during these times.

ExpressLane Senior Day Promotion Codes
Waive the Fee – SD60
$5 Delivery - SDDEL

This will allow our senior shoppers to take advantage of their 5% Senior Club discount every Thursday, and it will provide a genuine opportunity for our senior shoppers to purchase what they need while practicing the CDC’s recommended social distancing guidelines. For the latest updates click here:

Harris Teeter ExpressLane Team

*Senior ExpressLane pickup and delivery times can be reserved beginning Monday, March 23 at 10am. **Promotional codes can be found at on Monday, March 23 at 10am. Current ExpressLane customers will receive the codes via email.
The following is from Rick and Sandy Fore (23-Mar-2020)
Publix and Instacart
Today we used Publix online ordering for delivery to our home on Wednesday. It was very easy. Publix uses Instacart and we signed up for the month-by-month plan which is $9.99 per month. If you order $35 or more the delivery fee is waived. 
Rick and Sandy Fore 
The following tip is from Becky Tucci (25-Mar-2020)
Groceries and fresh produce can be ordered from the following websites and have them delivered to your home.

The following tip is from Jane Nelson (26-Mar-2020)
Harris Teeter is offering free pick up for seniors that are members -- enter code SD60   and $5 delivery - code SDDEL
The following article is from Bob Turnage (08-April-2020)
The following news article appeared in the News & Observer today. It is a local reporter's experience of signing up for and then using an online grocery delivery service. While this author selected "InstaCart" delivery service, the general concepts apply to the majority of these delivery services.
As I do not have a background in using the InstaCart service, I found it an interesting and informative read. As this virus pandemic continues to overshadow everything we can do these days, it is always to good to have a little knowledge about these services should they be needed.
One of the ideas discussed in the article was that you could have the items delivered to a different address than your own - thus, you could help a neighbor or relative who is not able to do this automated service themselves.
The following suggestion is from Bob & Donna Turnage (19-May-2020)
Texas Roadhouse - Wake Forest Butcher Packs
Donna recently saw a posting within Facebook that our local restaurant here in Wake Forest, the Texas Roadhouse, was selling directly to the public multiple cuts of meat for pickup. This offer is being made ONLY by this local Texas Roadhouse restaurant. Apparently, for Mother's Day weekend, they sold a slightly different predefined package of items for sale. 
This week, they are offering a predefined package of meats for sale called "butcher packs". This package consists of multiple types of precut steaks, chicken, pork chops, and ground beef. Two size packages are offered - small and large ($70 and $180). You can order multiples of each package if you like.
You must preorder what you want during this week - in advance of pickup. During placement of the order, you define what day this weekend you wish to pick up your order (starting Friday through Monday within a time range on that day). I don't believe you can just show up and order something but I am not sure.
Click the following website address to review what the Wake Forest Texas Roadhouse is offering and to place your order. The photo below the address is a screen capture of the current Memorial Weekend offer. It is unknown if there will be future offerings as the NC virus shutdown regarding restaurants may or may not continue.
or phone: (919) 569-2119
The following suggestion is from Buddy & Deanna Yearwood (21-May-2020)
Walmart - Online shopping
We  have been using Walmart. We shop  on line and pick up at store and no extra charges.
Buddy & Deanna