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Per the Villas Blog #24 (on 19-May-2021), the COA Board of Directors has revised the use of the Villas Clubhouse and social gatherings. More social events are being allowed, though very large attendance indoor gatherings are still under review.
Posting and distribution of the social calendar will now resume. As coordinators provide updates regarding their activities, the social calendar will be updated to reflect the changes. The electronic calendar (see the 2nd button below) is the easiest to update and and that will be done frequently as needed. Please refer to it as events may change during the month. The "manual paper calendar" (first button) is more time consuming to update and will be updated with less frequency.
Thank you.
Bob Turnage
(Testing built-in Calendar function)

Manual "Paper" Calendar - click/select to open

Manual Calendar (Paper)

Between the 20th-25th of each month, a MANUAL calendar is prepared that contains the details for the activities and events coordinated by the Recreation and Social Committee at the Villas of Wake Forest. This manual calendar is formatted so that it prints on a single piece of paper, suitable for taping to your refrigerator.          .
   This "paper" calendar is created manually by hand.
   It is NOT updated very often during the month.
   The Dynamic Electronic Calendar (2nd button) is updated frequently on a need basis.
Select the link(s) immediately below to display the manually prepared printable calendar.
Once the calendar is displayed, select the icon/pop-up window for PRINTER to print it:

Dynamic Electronic Calendar - click/select to open

Dynamic Electronic Calendar (powered by Google)

The electronic calendar below lists the same activities displayed in the "manual calendar" as coordinated by the Recreation and Social Committee at the Villas of Wake Forest.  The information in this calendar is updated multiple times per month by the Communications Committee. 
If changes are needed, please contact: Bob Turnage or Becky Tucci.

NOTES for current activities:
  • Activities will be held at the Villas Clubhouse Community Social Room unless indicated otherwise.
  • Activities with an "MR" suffix will be held in the smaller Villas Clubhouse "Meeting Room".
Calendar Instructions