Please review the social calendar for —- NEXT MONTH —-
Hi everyone,
When you click on the above hyperlink, the website’s calendar page is displayed for the CURRENT month. If necessary, please use the button in the right corner of the calendar (the double “>>”) to advance to the NEXT month - ______________ .
FYI - Each event displayed in the calendar is a hyperlink. You can select the event and see more details about it.
I have NOT prepared any kind of draft version of the calendar for printing. The PRINT function works very well if you want it on paper. If you do print a copy, please remember to CHANGE WHAT PAGES ARE PRINTED to only the first 1-2 pages. Otherwise, you will print 12-15 pages.
Only the active events and activities that I have been made aware of are currently displayed in this calendar. The following activities are still labeled as ON HOLD until told otherwise and thus are NOT displayed:
     + Tuesday Diners
     + Garden Club
I understand that a different coordinator each month will handle Ladies Lunch and Mens Lunch. As I do not know who that will be, I am relying on one of you to forward the lunch details to me for the calendar. Otherwise, I will simply have “TBA” for the restaurant.
As I am notified, I will update the calendar items and/or take things on/off of hold. At the end of the current month, I will prepare a file of the social calendar suitable for printing to distribute to the community.
TO COMMITTEE CHAIRS AND BOARD MEMBERS — please make sure your committee meetings are present and at the accurate day and time. 
TO ACTIVITY COORDINATORS — please check the accuracy for your group activities as well. If you are restarting an activity that had been stopped, please be sure to let me know. 
TO YORK PROPERTIES STAFF — please let me know if there are any Clubhouse reservations (day, time, who).
Please confirm those activities are in the calendar if appropriate / if they are not present should to be added / if they should be deleted.
So please review the social calendar closely and let me know of any updates or additions BEFORE the end of the day FRIDAY July 29th.
Thanks everyone for your help.
Bob Turnage
1647 Winter Wren