There will be
face-to-face meeting.
Notification of
COA Budget Ratifications & Board Elections Virtual Meeting
Wednesday, Dec 7th 2022 at 11am
Video or Telephone Conference Call
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The ballot box will be at the Villas Clubhouse
Dec 1st 9am - 5pm
Dec 2nd 9am - 5pm
Voting for Board candidates must be submitted by
Dec 2nd 7:00 pm
Link to ballot - Click here
Link to Owner Verification form - Click here

Notification Letter - Meeting Agenda - Budget details - Forms

York Properties notified all condominium property owners by US Mail of the upcoming meeting to review / discuss / approve an annual budget for the Condominium Owners Association (COA) and to vote for candidates for three Board positions.
The mailed documents contains the following information:

Board Candidate Nominations

Current Board of Directors (prior to Dec 2022 election):
Schedule of events:
REMINDER: As the annual meeting will be by phone and NOT face-to-face, all nominations for Board membership MUST be received in advance by November 14th. Nominations will NOT be accepted during the phone meeting.
Nov 14th 7:00 pm    Deadline to submit nominations for Board candidates to Barbara Newnam, Elections chairperson
Nov 17th 2nd mailing by York Properties to residents; voting ballot to be included
Dec 2nd
9am - 5pm: Return completed ballots (resident votes) to Clubhouse ballot box for election and budget approval/disapproval
Dec 2nd 7:00 pm
Deadline to receive mail-in ballots (resident votes) by Barbara Newnam
Dec 7th Results announced for ballot count of candidates and budget approval by Elections Committee and York Properties
Candidate Nominations:
The following nominations have been received.
Candidates are listed alphabetically.
Additional candidates will be listed as they are received.
(Last updated: 20 Nov 2022)

Election Results 2022

As of Dec 7, 2022, the --new--  Board of Directors and their terms of service are:
President:  Barney Ford  2022 - 2024 
Vice President:  Norm Bell  2021 - 2023 
Treasurer: Carolyn Coordes   2022 - 2024 
Secretary:  Becky Tucci  2019 - 2023 
Member at Large:  Pam Alig  2022 - 2024 
Also, the annual budget for 2023 WAS approved on the same ballot as the candidates.
The ballots were counted on Sunday, Dec 4th by the Elections Committee in conjunction with staff from York Properties. A meeting of the existing and new Board members was be held on Dec 7th. The main order of business was to decide which persons will hold specific Board positions.
Other community website pages that may be of interest:
If you have any questions, please feel free to call the York Properties office or speak with one of the Elections Committee representatives.
(Current Elections chair: Barbara Newnam)