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Villas Blog #42
Posted on Jan 19th, 2022
Villas Blog 42
Where we Speak Politely and Listen Respectfully
          We survived our first snow of 2022!  Not much snow and gone the next day…just the way we like it.  Rumor has it we have another chance this weekend, follow your local news for weather updates.
          Due to inclement weather on Monday, and the Martin Luther King Holiday, our trash pick up will be Saturday Jan. 22 this week, weather permitting.  Just think of it as an extra day to declutter.
          All smoke and carbon monoxide detectors must have batteries changed each year, and the units replaced every 10 years.   As much as they would like to, our Facilities team members cannot assist our residents with this.  York Properties can do this service for you.  You will supply the new units and batteries, and you will pay the person who installs.  This will not be covered by ....
NC DOT Capital Blvd Improvements Project
Posted on Jan 18th, 2022
I received this email from the NC Department of Transportation on Wednesday, Jan 19th. I am sharing the message with the community.
Bob Turnage
Responses to questions  and comments received at the December 9, 2021 Virtual Public Meeting have been posted to the project website 
The responses can be accessed by clicking here. or by visiting the project website (
Thank you for your continued interest in this project.
I attended the NC Department of Transportation virtual (computer based) meeting held Dec 9th. I took the following notes regarding the project plans.  FYI - these are my personal notes and they are provided to help the Villas community. They are NOT official in any way. If desired, please contact the NC DOT by way of the official website for the project:
The meeting on Dec 9th was managed by Diane Wilson of the NC DOT. After about a 20-25 minute presentation of slides and maps, the meeting was open to questions. While the formal presentation was well done and easy to understand, the Q&A question period was done by multiple project engineers that were very difficult to hear and understand.
The following summaries are my notes (again) of the initial presentation by ....
Paper bag mandate for yard waste starts March 14
Posted on Jan 9th, 2022
Paper bag mandate for yard waste starts March 14
Beginning in March, the Town of Wake Forest will no longer collect any plastic bags for disposal of yard waste, including compostable plastic yard waste bags.
Starting Monday, March 14, residents must use paper yard waste bags or reusable containers weighing no more than 50 pounds for their yard waste.
Acceptable yard waste includes small tree limbs, twigs, pine cones, leaves, grass clippings, and trimmings too small to be included as a brush pickup such as acorns, bamboo, dead plants, flower and vegetable debris, flowers, hay, ...
Villas Blog #41
Posted on Jan 7th, 2022
Villas Blog 41
Where we listen Respectfully and Speak Politely
          It was sad to see all of our beautiful decorations be put away for the next eleven months, but happy we are turning the corner to a new year and hopefully new adventures.  Please make sure all outdoor decorations are taken down as per the rules and regulations by January 7.
          The Board will be having a work session with the Facilities Team, with the result being a newly updated list of what the COA is responsible for, and responsibilities of unit owners.  Once this list is complete it will be distributed electronically to residents and posted on the bulletin board in the Clubhouse.  If you know your neighbor or friend does not use a computer, please print a copy for them, or contact a Board member and we will give them a hard copy.
          Because we are in the dormant season our landscapers will only be here once a week for a while.  They will be concentrating on general cleanup and pruning.  The pre-emergent protection was completed during December, and will be reapplied prior to the new growing season.  All drains are being marked and checked to make sure they are clear, ...
Happy Birthday to our JANUARY residents
Posted on Dec 31st, 2021
Happy Birthday to the following Villas Residents born in -- JANUARY --
Date & Name Date & Name
1 - Jerry Dal...
     Ruth Dra...
6 - Boyd Ali...
8 - Peggy McN...
     Helen Sta...
11 - Beverly Cal...
16 - Frank Lee...
22 - Arlene For...
       Rick For...
       Fran McA....
23 - Marvin Eth...
      Loren Kin...
26 - Barbara Hun...
30 - Marti Spa...
Many many thanks to Barbara Newnam for collecting and sharing this birthday info!!
Villas Blog #40
Posted on Dec 27th, 2021
Villas Blog 40
Where we Listen Politely and Speak Politely
         What a wonderful Holiday season it is! Excellent weather while we all gather with family and friends as we are looking forward to a new year.  Our hearts are hoping that this great weather stays put for a long time, but our brains are reminding us that the worst is probably ahead, but on the bright side, a chance to wear all of our new sweaters.
         The posting of the Board minutes is delayed as our Property Company is on an extended vacation from daily tasks. However, if you have an emergency, they will be able to assist all residents.  As you know from their emails, the coupon books were not properly printed and new ones should be on the way if you have not already received them.
         The Board is looking into having all of the pipes that are from the back of the gas meters into the units inspected.  The cost
How to UNSUBSCRIBE from the Google calendar for the Villas social events
Posted on Dec 26th, 2021
As of January 31, 2022, The Villas social website will STOP using an electronic Calendar from Google Corp as the means to maintain and display the social events and activities of the Villas community.
While a link/subscription to the Google calendar could be established with a resident's mobile smartphone or tablet, it was not very popular because there was no easy way to print a copy of the monthly events. Thus, no new events will be added to the Google calendar after the end of January, 2022.
Thus, as of this posting, the built-in calendar feature of the Villas social website will replace the Google calendar. When a resident selects the menu item "Calendar" on the social website, the built-in calendar feature will now be displayed.
If you are unsure if you ever used the Google calendar for the Villas social events, merely open your calendar app on your phone or tablet. IF YOU DO NOT SEE ANY VILLAS EVENTS DISPLAYED, you did not use the Google calendar and do not have to worry about it.
To the few residents who tested and used the Google calendar on their smartphones and tablets, the directions displayed below are for an Apple IPhone and will help you disconnect from Google. (Almost all residents who tried the Google calendar used Apple devices.) By disconnecting, you are stopping the computer requests to Google and thus improving your phone's battery life.
I do not have an Android phone or tablet, so I cannot give you specific instructions for those devices. Performing an internet search, the instructions I found say that a personal computer, PC or Mac, must be used to unsubscribe to the Google calendar. Please contact me if you have an Android device and want assistance.
Please let me know if you have any questions.
Bob Turnage
Website Admin
NOTE: This news article will expire in mid February. The article is also permanently posted in the "Questions & Answers" webpage.