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Villas Blog #26
Posted on Jun 16th, 2021
Villas Blog 26
          Hope everyone is staying out of the heat and humidity as much as possible, but don’t worry, soon we will be complaining of the cold…..ahhh North Carolina weather!!
          You may see members of our facilities team walking around our property.  They will be prioritizing columns and palladium windows that need paint / caulking.  Once the list is prioritized it will be sent to York.  Our property manager, Tom Reina will have maintenance come out and complete the work.  There will be more information as to when this will start and all homes that are involved will be notified.  Some of our residents have asked about their outer doors, and as stated in the bylaws, outer doors are the responsibility of the owner.  The only color your door can be painted is white.
          If you are considering changes to your property that require an ACR, the Board has set a few new guidelines.   Prior to sending your request to York, the area that will be involved must be marked out with red flags.  The purpose of the flags is for the Board to inspect the area prior to approval.  The flags are on top of the filing cabinet in the meeting room.  Once your project has been approved and work has begun, the flags are to be returned to the meeting room.  Please remember to call 811 to mark the area if digging is involved in your project.
Landscaping Update
Posted on Jun 7th, 2021
For those of you who have talked to me about weeds in our turf, this morning I talked and sent pictures to our account manager at Bloomsbury.  He assured me we will be getting weed killer soon. 
I will let you know when this will be happening. 
The landscapers will be finishing up areas of fertilizer today.
Thank you,
Marlene (Barnes)
Men's Coffee restarts - each Tuesday at 10am at the Clubhouse
Posted on Jun 7th, 2021
MEN, Tuesday at 10:00 (tomorrow), coffee starts. Sorry for short notice, so please tell your new neighbors about it. This is our regular Tue morning coffee time!

I am host this week and am excited to see you all tomorrow. 

No need to bring anything, nice clean sterilized cups are provided along with cookies (which, I did NOT make LOL).  

Also, I will also provide Styrofoam cups for those that want to enjoy the coffee and cookies outside on our tables (with umbrella) positioned around the pool. Just a reminder that no glassware is allowed in pool area. 

The coffee line up inside the clubhouse will be in front of the long countertop. The start side is next to the double doors. There you can grab a paper plate, napkin and fork and proceed down the counter to get your cup of coffee. Condiments are located there (creamer, sugar, sweetener, spoon to stir, tea bags (if you prefer). 

Tables have coasters on them for your coffee cup.  If a table is totally occupied, feel free to start a new one or grab a chair and squeeze in. 

Coffee time is a great way to meet other residents, get info and socialize!

We are always looking for volunteers, so please tell your host if interested. 

This weeks host,
Ray Barnes

Stop by any time with questions, comments or to chat
Villas Blog #25
Posted on Jun 1st, 2021
Villas Blog 25
Oh, what a morning!!  The Board would like to thank all those who tried and were somewhat successful in attending the meeting.  There were so many difficulties on York Properties technical end.  The Board members had almost as much difficulty as everyone else.  We asked that the video of the meeting be sent to us so we can share with the community, and our new Property manager Tom Reina, along with our former manager Mary Thaxton assured us it would be sent to be shared.  We have heard from residents that questions they submitted were not answered.  York had sent us three questions that were submitted, and stated they had not received any others.  If you have sent questions that were not answered, please forward those questions to Rich Pike and /or Becky Tucci and they will be answered when the video of the meeting is sent to the community.
In the meantime, here are the highlights as recorded during the meeting:
Villas of Wake Forest COA Inc.  Mid-Year zoom meeting June1, 2021
Members present: Nancy Brooks, Carolyn Coordes, Bob Nemes, Rich Pike, Becky Tucci
Call to order 9:10 AM      Quorum Present
9:10 Zoom meeting:  Introduction by Mary Thaxton and Tom Reina
Discussions followed Thanks to Mary and Tom for setting the meeting:
Committee reports: 
  • P2P: Thanks to Rick Fore for chairing P2P.  The original estimate was $182,000, but the actual signed contract, which includes clusters is $163,735, which is $18,265 under budget.  State Contracting has been paid a majority of the contract.  The Board held $10,000 will be paid upon completion, and the warranty period has begun.  Street signs and sealant will be completed within 2 weeks. Thanks to all who worked on cluster boxes.  The final survey will be completed and include ....
Any interest in — The Chatter Club ?
Posted on May 29th, 2021
As the club name indicates, we will be doing a lot of chattering.

This new club is open to all residents in the community. It will be a casual discussion forum for you to ask questions about living in a common interest community, learn about Wake Forest and the surrounding area, transportation options, arts & entertainment, suggestions of local doctors and recreational options. Member topics of interest will be welcomed for future discussions.

We thought that the idea of getting together in an informal setting and chatting about things in general would help all of us learn who our new neighbors are and catch up with our established neighbors we haven’t seen since COVID19 shut us down. We have a lot of new neighbors that haven’t have a chance to get out and about or learn about our area.

We’re not sure how many folks might be interested, so seating will be limited. Please RSVP by Monday, June 14th to me.

Come join us and see what we’re all about. If you haven’t been vaccinated please wear a mask for your protection.
Peggy McNaughton

First meeting: Thursday June 17
Time: 3 - 4:00 (will discuss future dates/times)
Place: Clubhouse

** Please wear your name tag. They are hanging in alphabetical order in the small conference. (and return after meeting)
Villas Blog #24
Posted on May 19th, 2021
Villas Blog #24
           Well…we can no longer call it The Road to Nowhere.  Our new entrance / exit is officially open, and so far, so good, not a lot of traffic.  We have only seen residents coming and going and we are hoping our luck holds.  Please continue to walk on the sidewalks and use the marked crosswalks.  We may see more traffic after Wednesday when Wegman’s opens. 
            We also hope you are all planning on joining the mid-year Zoom meeting on Tuesday June 1 at 9AM.  Our Property manager, Mary Thaxton has been promoted to a larger property, and our new manager is Tom Reina (  Tom is taking over on June 1 and will be joining the Zoom meeting.  Remember you can join via computer or telephone.  Please refer to the email sent on Tuesday May 18 for directions on how to join.  Please send any questions you wish to be answered during the meeting to either Tom or Mary ( and let a Board member know if you plan on participating.  Congratulations to the Link and Turnage families for being the first who informed us of their participation!   The deadline for submission of questions is May 28.  The meeting will include reports from committees and answering your questions.
            Some of the biggest news of the year is that Coffees will begin the week of June 7.  Men will meet on Tuesday June 8 from 9AM to 10AM. Ladies will meet on Thursday June 10 from 9AM to 10 AM.  Please bring your own coffee cup or mug. Coffee and hot water will be provided, but there will be no food for the near future.
Swimming Rules & Regulations (2021)
Posted on May 5th, 2021
Here are the 2021 Pool Rules and Regulation as developed by the Pool Committee and approved by the Board of Directors.
Terry Pike
Chairman Pool Committee
The pool is open to all residents from Dawn to Dusk every day during the pool season.
  1. The maximum number of residents that are allowed inside the fenced pool area is 30 people.  Only 15 people will be allowed in the pool at one time.  A 3 foot social distancing is encouraged both in the pool and on the deck, except for spouses.
  2. Water Aerobic classes are held each Monday and Wednesday mornings from 9:00 until 11:00.  Every Friday, pool walking is from 10:00 until 11:00.  During these special times, the pool will be occupied only by those that are participating in these activities.
  3. Each day from 11:00 in the morning until 4:00 in the afternoon, a limitation of four (4) guests per family will be permitted to use the pool.  Guest MUST be accompanied by a resident at all times.  From 4:00 until closing is for residents only.
  4. The chairs, lounges and tables have been placed to comply with the social distancing request.  If furniture is moved, please return it to its place upon leaving the pool.
  5. Cover chairs to protect them from tanning and other lotions.  Close umbrellas when leaving the pool.  Take with you what you brought or dispose of items in the trash receptacle.
  6. Please sanitize and clean up the area you have been occupying before you leave.  Sanitation products will be available at the pool entrance.
  7. Only noodles will be allowed as floatation devices in the pool.  Residents must bring there own noodles.  Noodles left at the pool by closing will be discarded.
  8. The following items are prohibited in the pool area.
    1. Glass or other breakable items
    2. Diving or jumping into the pool
    3. Excessive noise or horseplay
    4. No smoking or tobacco products/ vapes are allowed in the pool common areas
    5. No private pool parties
  9. The pool gate must remain locked when not in use.  The last resident to leave the pool is responsible for locking the gate.
  10. Wet swim wear is not permitted in the clubhouse, except for the restrooms.  Enter and exit the restrooms using the exterior doors facing the pool.
  11. If a resident causes the pool to be closed due to glass breakage, etc., the pool will need to be drained, cleaned and refilled.  The cost of possibly $1,000, may be charged.
This document is also available on the webpage: Documents / Managing Documents / Frequently Needed Documents section.