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Villas Blog #60
Posted on Nov 15th, 2022

Villas Blog 60
Where we speak Politely and Listen Respectfully
         Winter has arrived…. much to the dismay of the residents. Just a few days ago we were enjoying shorts, sandals, and daylight at 6 PM.  But…before long we will have the humidity back in force…so positive thinking!!
         The board had only 3 questions concerning the budget, and here are the answers:
  • A resident asked about a spreadsheet that would show income, outflow, Capital Reserves, CD’s, and balances in our bank accounts. This information is shown monthly on the York web page under the heading of Business and the icon Financials.  The report is posted on or about the 22nd of each month.
  • A second question about the length of the CD’s and the current rate of interest.  One of the CD’s is for 12 months and has a rate of .85%, with another CD is 18 months with a rate of 2.00%.  The third CD is 24 months with a rate of 2.00%.  The status of the CD’s is reported in the monthly Board meeting minutes which are also found on the York website.
  • One of our newer residents asked for clarification of items on the budget in order to have a clear understanding of the financial situation at the Villas.  A Board member met with the resident and explained items in question.
         Sadly, once again there is an abundance of dog waste and cigarette butts accumulating on our sidewalks and in the common areas.  Please carry a flashlight with you as it is sometimes too dark to find the dog waste, and for your own walking safety as it gets very dark, very early.  Waste can be disposed of in one of the three stations provided or in your personal garbage cart.
         The Annual meeting date is set for December 7. Owners will receive their ballot and log in to join the meeting shortly in the second mailing from York properties.  The ballot box will be inside the Clubhouse for early voters, and outside on the actual voting day.  Many thanks to Barbara Newnam and the Election committee for gathering all the information needed for a successful Annual meeting and voting process.
         Our Veteran’s Day celebration was a huge success.  Many thanks to all who helped organize, set up, entertain, and serve a fabulous cake donated by Wegmans.  It is such a privilege to honor our veterans for their service and dedication to our freedoms.
         Please remember to get your payment for the Christmas party to Donna Turnage on or before December 1, if you wish to attend on December 17.  It certainly will be one of the top social events of the year!
         Holiday decorations can be displayed on Thanksgiving evening.  Please refer to the newest Rule and Regulations that can be found on the Villas website.  There are a few changes from prior years so make sure your decorations are in compliance. 
         Yard waste will be picked up on Monday November 21, trash and recycle will be picked up on Saturday November 26 as the Town services are closed Thursday and Friday for Thanksgiving.   A reminder that persons who cannot move their carts due to a temporary or permanent disability, and do not have an able-bodied person living in the residence can have valet trash pickup.  The forms needed to ask for this service can be found on the Town of Wake Forest website.
         Also remember that residents who have door delivery mail service due to a disability must renew their application every 12 months.  This form can be found on the Postal service web page.
         Have a wonderful, restful, and peaceful Thanksgiving!
Villas Board of Directors
Norm Bell 
Nancy Brooks 
Carolyn Coordes 
Rich Pike 
Becky Tucci 
NOTE: if you have a question or a concern for the Board, please use this website's Contact form to email them a message.