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Villas Blog #65
Posted on Mar 3rd, 2023

Villas Blog 65
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          What a surprise (?) to have pollen once again invading us.  We can forget about sitting on our patios in this beautiful weather for a while…maybe the rain will help wash it away.
          The Board would like to take this opportunity to thank our wonderful group of Volunteers who give so much for all residents to enjoy living at the Villas.  Our committee chairs are Kathee Bailey Social, Marlene Barnes Landscape, Nanette Hill Clubhouse, and Al Zack Facilities.  Each of these Chairs have many committee members who meet, plan, and work together to make the Villas a thriving community…we would be so lost without them.  Below you will find just a few examples of what they do are:
          Social: Food trucks, Veteran’s Day, Holiday Gala, Memorial Remembrances, and Friday at 5
          Landscape:  Maintenance of the common areas, tree removal, replacement planting, mulch, pine straw, and working with residents who want to enhance their mulch areas
          Clubhouse:  Bi monthly cleaning, stocking of paper goods, decorating committee, and rentals
          Facilities:  Working with Dragonfly for maintenance and cleaning of the ponds and spreaders; also gutter cleaning, painting, minor repairs, set up and clean up for social events
          We also have many clubs that are led by volunteers, such as Bible Club, Pool Committee, Games, Men’s movie night, Coffees, Men's and Ladies Lunch, and more!!  All our gatherings and functions are so masterly run by many and we all reap the benefits.  If you have not had the opportunity to explore our clubs and gatherings, please join in! 
          Last, but not the least is all residents know about, and do a great job of the Villas Wave!  Everyone waves to each passerby, whether it be a walker or a vehicle.   Even our Delivery and Service vehicles are waving back at us!  You will not see this display of community in other developments.   A big thank you to all who work so hard to make the Villas a special place.
          The Villas is on the schedule for gutter cleaning by Mitch Pearl in April and power washing by the Taylor Company.   All residents will be notified when this project will begin in early summer.
          When you are traveling in Wake Forest later this week and next week, please remember the railroad crossings are closed so plan carefully and make sure you give yourself extra time to reach your appointments.  All information concerning the closings is on the Wake Forest Government page.
          We have recently seen some solicitors around the Villas, and many may be worthy organizations, but we are a no solicitation neighborhood.   If they come to your door, please remind them that door to door sales is prohibited here.  We hope to acquire some new signage to be posted at both entrances to deter them from entering.  
          If you have a question for the Board, please send any board member an email or letter with your question. We will arrange a time with you for you to join us during one of our regular meetings and do our best to respond to your question. If you would prefer a written response instead, that is fine, just let us know. This process is proscribed in our Bylaws Section 4.12.
          Coming soon the board will have information about informal meetings with groups of unit owners that are more personal and fit into the clubhouse. The board will have updates on the Villas and wants to hear your suggestions and questions. Eventually all unit owners will have an opportunity to attend one of these meetings.
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NOTE: if you have a question or a concern for the Board, please use this website's Contact form to email them a message.