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Landscaping Update
Posted on Mar 9th, 2023

I want to update the community on what's happening on the landscaping front.  Earlier this month our landscapers removed 255 rose bushes and replaced them with fire power nandinas.  This was the start of the landscape committee's goal to give the community a fresher look. They also installed mulch at buildings 19 - 36 and the clubhouse area.  We are now on every other year rotation for mulch.  If you didn't receive it this year you will next year.  They also pine strawed the berm. 
To continue our project of removing all the birch trees from the community, 6 birch trees will be removed.  If a birch tree is removed near your unit, you have been notified. these trees will be replaced with a less invasive variety.   
We will also be doing some other beautification improvements to the neighborhood. 
Bloomsbury will continue as our landscapers. As always, we are asking everyone not to distract them while they are working.  If you have any questions, please feel free to direct them to any member of the landscape committee.
Remember, if you add any perennials or annuals to your limited common area, it is your responsibility to take care of them.  If there is anything in your bed that you don't want the landscapers to prune or take care of, please tie a red ribbon, red flag or red piece of yarn on it so they know you do not want them to take care of it.
It is fine to put garden decorations or edging in your mulched areas following paragraph 2.2 of the rules and regulations.  This is at your own risk.  If they are broken or damaged it is your responsibility to replace them.
Before removing or planting new shrubs or trees you must submit an LVR to the landscape committee for approval.  They can be found in the clubhouse or on the website. You can also find a copy of Appendix A at the clubhouse. This will give you guidelines on what you can or cannot plant.  If you have something in mind that is not on the list, contact a member of the landscape committee and we will see if it is something we can approve.  
If there are any questions, please contact any member of the landscape committee.
Marlene Barnes,  Chair
Mary King
Lynn Woodard
Carol Smith
Carol Noble
Shirley Thompson
Peggy McNaughton